The project ‘Artificial Intelligence and Geodata for Local Community Sensitisation to Sustainable Spatial Development’ (GeoSen) is set to support modern spatial planning processes with artificial intelligence on the local (municipal) and regional levels. The combination of artificial intelligence and remote-sensing systems will facilitate continuing registration, pattern recognition, and tracking of structural changes and changes in land cover and land use. The system will also identify urban-rural relationships in spatial management. The technology will handle large datasets and monitor land-use and land-cover changes automatically and continuously.

GeoSen will employ spatial information systems to acquire and analyse data. The systems will be used to monitor and manage data, which is crucial in light of the prioritisation of sustainable spatial development.

The project will further rational spatial management, which implements the rural and urban sustainable development paradigm and the creation of smart villages. It will also help realize the postulates and aspirations of the European Commission to pursue the European Green Deal.



Project co-funded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development under the fourth Competition of Polish-German Bilateral Collaboration.

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